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Teamship is an answer to a question of game design that i developped in a memoir (downloadable in a french version above).

I askedv myself if it would be possible to create a balanced multiplayer game playable with every devices. In short, yes, you can. But you have to adapt your gameplay to each device. So, you will have a different experience of the game if you play with controller, or with smartphone.

So the game takes place in a far future, where galactics consortiums rules the world. You and your team control a spaceship (in side view), and, depending on your device, you will have a different position in the crew, depending on what device you are using.

If you have the controller, you will be pilot, with important reflexes, if you have the pad, you will be the engineer, with good management skills, if you have the keyboard, you will be the artilleryman, with huge accuracy, and then, if you have the smartphone, you will be the gunsmith, with fine agility.

Also, with my memoir, I developped a method allowing to create gameplays with unusual devices, like treadmilll or graphics tablet. Spoiler alert : it makes you be a energy mutant or a astral scribe.